Hillside Backyard Patio

Ideas and designs for two level patios on hillside backyards

This is a great patio idea on a hillside backyard with lots of room that extends the entire length of the home. The two level design not only adds interest and addresses the hillside landscape, but also creates an entirely different room or area. While the raised area is within the same viewable space as the lower patio area, different garden decor, planters, and furniture help to give the perception of a separated area.

While this two level paved garden area, and entire design is absolutely beautiful and well thought out, I think it's important to point out what you can't see here. In yatd and garden plans that slope down a hill toward the home, there has to be special considerations paid to drainage and watering.

While consideration to proper grading and flow while you create your plan will help with proper drainage, it's a whole different deal when you consider the plants you intend to grow on a hillside backyard and patio design. See watering plants on a slope or hillside for some good ideas on this.

backyard patio on a hillside slope

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