Terrace Patio With A View

Atmosphere is everthing. Having a terrace patio with backdrop of borrowed scenery like this isn't something that most of us will get as an option for our own patios, decks, courtyards, and gardens. Still, we can learn something from the rest of the design.

Borders and boundaries in landscape designs can be subtle, dramatic, obvious, or implied. While it may or may not be the boundary of the entire plot, the edge of this patio is made obvious by the plants and railing along the edge. There is no question about where the edge of the patio is which may very well be a very steep drop.

While the rest of the garden may very well be thickly planted and elaborate, the rest of the patio is a simple flagstone floor and a few pieces of furniture. As one small part of a larger garden plan with such an amazing view, this terrace patio could be considered as much garden decor as a vase would be if placed on the table.

all natural terrace patio design idea with an ocean view

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