Small Patio Design Ideas

Even with limited space, you can still design a small patio that will be functional for entertaining, relaxing, and living, as well as being beautiful. These design ideas are ideal for many different applications such as a backyard, porch, or even roof top where size may be limited due to little space. Along with these layout plans and planting ideas, we'll share some design tips, considerations, and problem areas you might run into while designing a backyard patio with limited or little space.

Design Ideas, Planting Schemes, And Plans To Inspire You

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small decorative concrete floor idea
Decorative Concrete
round tile floor design
Round Tile Floor
A Small square Concrete floor
Small Concrete Pad
woodland patio with natural stone walls
Natural Stone Walls
small round floor patio with bistro table and chairs
Small Bistro
backyard porch next to the house
Backyard Porch
backyard porch next to the home 2
Back Porch 2
small patio in the lawn
In The Lawn
small square modular concrete design layout
Modular Floor Plan
small square concrete seating area in the lawn
Square Sitting Area
enclosed round privacy patio
Privacy Patio
isolated japanese design idea
Japanese Design
small sitting area
Small Sitting Area
primitave flagstone floor layout
Primitive Flagstone Floor
decorative concrete floor
Decorative Concrete
small tropical flagstone bistro
Tropical Style
terrace patio idea
japanese privacy patio
Japanese Privacy
small paved sitting area
Small Sitting Area
budget gravel floor design
Budget Gravel Floor
rooftop observation deck
Terrace Deck Design
Wood Deck Flooring
Wood Deck Flooring
small front porch
Front Porch Swing
rustic flagstone paving
Flagstone Floor
outdoor room
Outdoor Room
small seating area and bench
Simple Seating Idea
small seating area
Small Seating Area
stone floor terrace patio with an ocean view
Ocean View Terrace
wood deck covered patio
Small Wood Deck
rooftop balcony patio
Rooftop Balcony
sunken patio design
Sunken Patio
small bistro table and chairs
Small Bistro
small and simple bistro idea
A Simple Design Idea
patio with an outdoor fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace
small tile floor courtyard
Tile Courtyard

Patio Decor And Design Tips

  • Furniture Color: Seating, and optionally tables, is necessary for all patios that are going to be used for entertaining or simply relaxing. Use lighter color cushions, covers, and materials rather than darker to help make smaller areas appear larger.
  • Stay With A Single Theme: As with all limited spaces, backyards, and small gardens, too many different elements can easily appear cluttered rather than decorative. Choose a theme color scheme, and design ideas that match the home, surroundings, and rest of the backyard and stick with it.
  • Landscape Lighting: As well as being necessary to enjoy your patio at night, lighting is also a good idea as it creates visual atmosphere when viewing the garden or landscape from the home or other area of the yard. However, because of the small and confined space, lighting placed on the edges or in the flooring area can be easily damaged or become a tripping hazard. Place landscape lighting deeper inside planting beds or look for ways to provide down lighting that is not intrusive to the view. Use strings of holiday lights or theme based party lights to create atmosphere and additional patio lighting.
  • Plants And Planting Containers: To help keep floor space clear, hanging plants where possible are a good idea. If your patio is lined with planting beds, use plants that have upright or limited growth habits rather than aggressive trailing habits. Keeping within a theme and principles of small gardens, use a limited selection of alike plants. Also, if planters and containers are used, place them in small odd number groups or singles against walls to keep floor space open.
  • Water Features: While water features can offer the element of sound and motion, they can also create a lot of sound in an enclosed small patio that make it difficult to carry on a conversation. Along with that, they can take up a lot of room. Another good idea is to use low volume wall fountains that have minimal drop and splash.
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