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While concrete has been one of the main common material for patio floors over the years, pavers of different types are often a much better choice for a lot of different reasons. Besides decorative concrete, the materials, color choices, and styles are a primary deciding factor of why you might choose paving over concrete.

Still, even though appearance may be enough reason to go with some type of paving, there are other benefits of using pavers that may be worth considering.

Concrete flooring can be very labor intensive and often requires a lot of preparation, special tools, and some skill to get it right. And while pavers such as brick, stone, and flagstone may require some skill and tools, it does allow room for error and isn't so dependant on time and preparation.

Another reason why pavers may be a better choice for patio floors is how they wear. Over time, most concrete eventually cracks and can crack in large areas. Paving materials on the other hand, may wear and crack but generally in small areas that can be repaired or replaced with spare materials. If one brick or stone cracks, it's much easier to remove it and replace it with another.

The different patio design styles shown here from VistaScapes landscaping not only show different styles and placement of patios, but also show a few of the different paving materials that can be used. Different styles and materials are chosen to match with different home and landscaping styles. And they all look great.

So keep these considerations in mind when doing any kind of hardscaping that requires flooring. Along with patios, walkways and sidewalks are also areas that you might consider pavers. See paver walkway ideas for a few different applications, styles, and materials.

Benefits Of Pavers Over Concrete

  • Many types of paving materials require less skill to install than concrete.
  • Less dependent on time and preparation. Can be done at a lesser pace rather than the critical time for a concrete pour.
  • Less damage and repairs needed.
  • More colors choices, material types, and design styles.



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