Commercial Landscape with Japanese Design Style

While this commercial design idea isn't quite Japanese, I think most people can see the influence.

japanese style commercial landscape design idea

I can't say enough about using simple planting schemes. Take a close look at this garden. There's not much to it. What makes it so appealing is the subtle contrasts of textures and shades of Green and a close to perfect balance of elements.

Balance here is achieved through repetition. Balance and repetition in this order isn't necessary but it is extremely easy to design with.

In this Japanese style garden I basically chose my theme, chose my plants and elements, created a focal point, and created my boundaries. That's close to the extent of the design.

japanese theme commercial landscaping

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The Japanese feel is mostly created by the type and texture of plants we chose. The Mexican Elder Trees are all multi-trunk which are easier to manipulate to a Bonsai shape.

Multi trunk Vitex, Oaks, Maples, and Junipers would also work well.

The large landscape rock in the center is my focal and also a dominant element of stone.

One thing I've always noticed in some of my favorite Japanese garden designs is a minimal use of flowering plants. So instead of using colors for contrasts in plants, in this commercial landscape we use different textures and shades of Green. Green is energy and believe it or not is actually a color too.

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