Using Repetition In Landscaping Planting Ideas

The Principle Of Repetition

In my own planting ideas and schemes I have a tendency to be very orderly in my repeated plantings. I have to be careful not be too orderly as in exact spacing of plants and other elements. It can often look too artificial and "produced".

In the planting examples below, I've included a lot of abstract examples of repetition and mass planting. Pay attention to the different ways plants are used to create unity. Some are very subtle and you have to look for them. Besides repeated colors, look for textures and shapes.

Also, notice how some of the gardens are unified simply by repeating one element. You don't have to repeat everything to get a balance. Much of the ideas in landscaping can be abstract with one unifying plant type or mass planting scheme in place.


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Mass planting is an easy way to get a very dramatic effect by repeating the same plant in a pattern or area. These first few pictures are examples of mass plantings.
repetition planted gravel garden path mass planted tropical landscaping path mass planted formal garden rock garden planting ideas
ornamental grass front yard planting ideas repeating front yard shrubs shrubs in foundation planting beds front porch all season container planters
japanese garden trees mass planted japanese garden ideas

Planting Ideas

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