Mass Repetition Garden Planting Ideas

This garden path has quite an impressive planting display of mass plated flowers that are repeated down the entire path. Strangely, what stands out the most to me is the surrounding natural frame of green. It's this contrast that also makes the mass planting display stand out even more.

And while a display like this doesn't really need any help getting attention, the contrast and textures soften, force boundaries, and create another single repetitive element.

tropical garden flower path

Besides green, the dominant color is white which often serves as a focal point in art and landscaping and garden design. You'll notice at the top of the hill that white is still the most distinctive and visible.

The secondary colors are a transition of different shades of the same color. And done right, this type of planting can be used to bring distances closer and give a percieved extended distance.

Lighter colors in front of darker makes appearances seem closer in while darker in front of lighter give a fading away appearance and percieved more distance. This type of mass planting and repetition works really well in small gardens where a feeling of more space may be needed.

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