Natural Stone And Decorative Rock Retaining Walls

Design By Kiefer Landscaping
Kiefer Landscaping Lakeside Natural Rock Retaining Wall On A Slope
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Retaining walls like this made from stacked stone or decorative rocks are often the best choice for stabilizing a slope or hillside while also retaining a native atmosphere or blending into the natural feel of the surrounding landscape. Often, the commercial look of pre-fab concrete wall blocks and limited material color choices may also be a good reason to design the walls with natural rock rather than man-made concrete blocks.

However, from a do it yourself standpoint, building walls like this made from stone or rock takes a little more work and thought in order to do it right. While the Materials may appear to be simply stacked on top of each other, there is a bit more that goes into the construction. Along with a level footing to start and a lot of engineering, the stones are most often held in place will concrete fill and grout mortar. And the steeper the hillside or slope, the more engineering and structural support is needed.

Regardless of materials, whether stone or concrete blocks, retaining walls add a visual vertical element to the landscape design. Where many elements are often not visible, a wall of any sort will be very visiblw and either add to or take away from the beauty of the landscaping. So it's impotant to use materials that will work with the rest of the design.


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