Small Square Backyard Xeriscaping Plan

This is what we came up with. If you've followed as these landscape design plans unfolded, you should note that most of it was created around necessity. We've also kept mowing in mind. The curves not only add interest, but also aid in ease of mowing by eliminating too many "hard corners".

small square backyard xeriscape

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As you can see, we took care of the lawn mower problem. We also created balance by incorporating the tree and existing Rose bush into one bed. We also created balance using plants. If you'll notice my method of planting, you'll see that I only use a few varieties of plants. This is simplicity in design and has much more impact than if you use one or two of several different varieties. See planting ideas.

Another method of planting that I like that's becoming quite trendy is to plant in single color masses or masses of different tones of the same color. Try it and you'll see how simple and well it works.

I actually would have liked to add more beds and curves to this landscaping design. However, this is as far as the client wants us to go.

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