Southwest Xeriscape Courtyard Garden

So what makes this courtyard Garden Southwest style anyway? Without any geographically specific plant types or elements, this type of landscaping could fit just about anywhere. So why do I call it Southwest? To me, for a garden like this, it's location and association. We've built several courtyards and landscapes like this in our area using native rocks for the walls. And native rock like this looks very.....southwest. See Southwest garden rock wall idea for an example of one of our own designs like this one.

As you see in our Southwest garden example, the plants make a huge difference in the atmosphere and style of the landscaping. However, with the rock garden walls, the atmosphere is more rustic and multiplied since this type of courtyard design is often associated with older adobe, rock, and vega homes. See how to build rock garden walls for ideas, plans, and instructions for building walls like this yourself.

southwest courtyard garden rock walls

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