Tropical Landscaping

What makes the landscaping and garden design ideas in all these pictures tropical? Besides the influence and style of the homes themselves? The most dominant element is simply the type of plants used to create the designs. There's no specific placement or grouping. It's just the type of plants themselves.

And while the atmosphere of these yards may be of a tropical nature, none of the home styles is actually refered to as tropical. With Mediterranean, Spanish, Southwest, and others being the styles of homes, the landscaping and yard design style could just as well be named Mediterranean style, Spanish gardens, or even Southwest landscaping and still be correct.

Whether tropical, Mediterranean, etc. home style and landscaping, the types of plants including the palm trees are universally associated with the tropics as a larger demographic of many different regions rather than individual specific regions. So all of the plans and design ideas in this pictures gallery will most generally be refered to as tropical yards and designs.

Pictures, Yard Plans, and Ideas

tropical entry
Tropical Entry
tropic courtyard
Tropic Courtyard
tropical plants
Tropical Plants
tropic plant idea
Tropic Plant Idea
curb appeal
Curb Appeal
on a slope
On A Slope
paver driveway
Paver Driveway
big lawn
Big Lawn
pond planting
Pond Planting
front hillside
Front Hillside
circular driveway
Circular Driveway
tropical front yard
Tropical Front Yard
tropical path
Tropical Path

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