Tropical Landscaping Ideas

More pictures of tropical landscapes, yards, and gardens of Mediterranean style homes. Along with the style of homes, the planting schemes are a dominant factor and influence in creating an atmosphere of the tropics in these yards.

Other elements that influence this design style are the materials and decor used. However, it's not just the materials or elements themselves. It also has to do with texture and color. From tile roofs to tile driveways to the terra cotta containers and planters used, the textures and colors have a strong influence. As you'll see in most of the pictures in this directory, the tropical landscaping is a combination of plants, palm trees, construction materials colors and textures, decor with the feel of the tropics, and the style of home.


circular drive
Circular Drive
palm trees
Palm Trees
front entryway
Front Entryway
tropical entry
Tropical Entry
front yard slope
Front Yard Slope
tropical driveway
Tropical Driveway
decorative rocks
Decorative Rocks
rock landscaping
Rock Landscaping
Tropics Symmetrical
Tropics Symmetrical
tropical plants
Tropical Plants
brick pavers
Brick Pavers
planting ideas
Planting Ideas
tropical coastal
Tropical Coastal
over landscaping
Over Landscaping

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