Tropical Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Proportion, balance, and fully planted without covering up or hiding the front of the home. Mature tropical designs like this with mature tall palm trees do a great job of accenting the home without covering it up. However, when palm trees like this are planted small, they're only shorter. Generally they are just as wide and bushy as full grown palms. So until they grow up, they generally have a sorted look that can hide and cover everything up in the front yard landscape. If possible, this may be one area where a little more budget could go to taller trees.

Another element to look at in this front yard is the front walkway and entry access. Walkways and sidewalks are most always functional elements with purpose of leading to or from somewhere. And regardless if it's a tropical front yard or some other style of landscaping, when planned right, they create great design opportunities and ideas. This walkway which leads to the street as well as to the driveway on the side of the home, creates a unique opportunity to plant this palm tree into the walkway.

Tropical Front Yard Landscaping ideas

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