Heavy Planted Tropical Front Yard Landscaping

One thing to keep in mind when landscaping a front yard is the possibility of over planting. When plants are small, it's easy to plant too many without considering the mature size of the plants. As in this front yard landscaped with tropical plants, intentionally heavy planted landscapes can quickly become over planted as the plants grow and reach mature size.

In most cases, trees and plants are placed to accent and frame the home without hiding the front of the home. In certain situations such as for privacy, the design plans may call for intentional overplanting of certain plants to create the privacy.

Another instance of intentional over planting may be in the beginning stages of the landscaping. Sometimes, overplanting will give a fuller mature look to the landscaping before the plants are actually mature. When the plants do actually start to mature, they are simply thinned out until they occupy only the space they're suppose to. However, most times overplanting is not intentional.

heavily planted tropical front yard planting beds

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