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Landscapes 4 Less cobble paver walkway
Landscapes 4 Less front door entry walkway pavingLandscapes 4 Less flagstone walkway and stepsLandscapes 4 Less front yard brick sidewalk

These walkway designs submitted by New York landscape designer Landscapes4less give a few good examples of different applications and types of paving materials that can be used in different areas of the landscape. Better than just plain concrete, there are many types, materials, colors, shapes, patterns, and styles of pavers that can fit just about any home or landscape.

Whether you're planning to build a front yard sidewalk or simple front door entry walk, or whether you're looking to design a backyard path leading through or to another area of your garden, there's probably a paver style, material type, and color that will be a perfect match for your landscaping.

This first walkway example with the wide sitting area and bench shows how mixing two different types of paving materials can create a unique and classy design. It also gives you a good idea of the creativity and workmanship of Landscapes4Less.

The second design leading to the front entry of the home shows how inexpensive regular bricks can really be dressed up by the pattern used to apply them. The pattern used here called "Basket Weave" gives a very nice noticeable texture to the sidewalk while also fitting the tightly curved area leading from the concrete to the front door entry.

The third example which is actually flagstone also addresses an incline by stepping up to its destination. This type of paved surface, while creating very beautiful patios and sidewalks, often takes a little more skill to build. There can be a lot invloved depending on amount of cuts to whether the joints are concrete grouted or loose filled. This example is probably one of the most difficult to build as it is tightly fitted and uses solid concrete grouting.

The fourth sidewalk example uses a running bond pattern and covers quite a distance. Enclosing it on the outside with a "soldier" row not only gives the brick paving more support, but also adds texture, pattern and character to the walkway. The color is also a good match for the home and surrounding landscaping.


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