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Backyard landscaping ideas are different than front yard designs which are generally created for entry convenience, curb appeal, and flashy appealfor the rest of the world to see.

Usually of a more personal design, backyards are created for privacy, entertaining, a garden area, and relaxing. You don't usually see any patios, swimming pools, barbeques, or garden ponds in the front yards of most homes.

With these types of hardscape elements in mind, most of the budget for most folks goes into the backyard rather than other areas of the property. Along with creating privacy, the entertainment, relaxing, and play areas such as pools and patios can demand quite a bit more of the budget.

And while it may be tempting to create an incedible front yard, it's always a good idea to first see how much of the budget your backyard paradise is going to use before planning the other areas.

Featured Plans And Designs

For your inspiration - Complete layout plans and backyard landscape designs we've created for some of our residential clients.

southwest backyard design planA Backyard With Southwest Style

This southwest landscape design project is for a Santa Fe style yard. We used a lot of free curves in this yard and garden plan which gave the illusion of even more space to the design plan.

Big Estate Backyard Design PlanIdeas For Big Backyards

This is the largest project I've ever done. It was quite a learning experience for designing a big area but did turn out to be one of our nicest gardens and complete landscaping projects to date.

italian backyard planAn Italian Landscape Design

A Beautiful plan originally designed for a very large backyard. Lots of Mediterranean style plants, a paver path that travels the entire yard, a huge waterfall, pergola, outdoor fire pit, and patio sitting area bring a lot of ideas with this landscape design.

Sunken Backyard Patio GardenSunken Patio Garden

In this example we transformed the unwanted swimming pool into a sunken, brick patio, small garden. Although not many people will do this with an old pool, these are still cool ideas.

Backyard Design Swimming PoolLandscaping Around A Swimming Pool

Lots of paving in this design. This landscape surrounds a swimming pool that takes up the center of the yard. Great landscape and still one of my favorite creations.

two level backyard xeriscaping ideaTwo Level Xeriscaping Idea

We used native limestone to create a dry stack retaining wall for these backyard landscaping ideas. This is a very natural looking free flowing garden design that will go well with almost any Southwest home.

A Backyard Landscaping Plan For KidsA Backyard Landscaping Plan For Kids

Created with the children in mind. Along with a sand box and a few other ideas for the kids, there are also a few things for mom and dad and even a special place to keep the dogs out of the way. Not just for the kids but designed with them in mind.

Hardscaping And Recreational Landscape Design Considerations

Before we get to the plans, pictures, and layouts listed below there are several considerations that may be within the scope of of your project that could be entire projects within themselves -

  • Patio Design Ideas
  • Swimming Pool Ideas For Backyards
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Ponds Or Waterfeatures
  • Backyard Play Areas For Children
  • Additional Parking Ideas
backyard patio designBackyard Patio Designs

Because of its private nature, most plans in the back include a patio area for entertaining and relaxing. This directory has quite a few patio pictures that are sure to inspire you.

swimming poolsSwimming Pools

Let's not forget swimming pools in landscapes as at least a consideration. While most folks would love to have one in their landscape, only those with the time for maintenance should dare to have one. They are a bit of work. Also see planting around swimming pools for more ideas.

Outdoor Kitchens - More to come about these and barbeques.

outdoor fireplaceOutdoor Fireplace

Over the past few years, one of the most requested hardscape elements has been outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. They are natural gathering areas that help create the perfect atmosphere for most any gathering.

garden pond picturesGarden Pond Pictures

In my own opinion, ponds are for used areas and commercial applications. These are landscape design elements to be enjoyed through motion, sound, and sight. Also take a look at garden ponds if you're the type who doesn't mind the work of taking care of a pond in your yard.

Children Play & Recreational Areas - We have a plan for this below.

More Pictures and Ideas

Pictures Of Backyards And Design Portfolios

Backyard Design Videos

A Backyard On A Steep Slope

Problems with steep slopes and hillsides aren't confined to just backyards. While a slope, hillside, or steep grade can be a problem in any landscape design, enclosed yards will have some special considerations in regards to drainage and space. See steep slopes or hillsides as well as watch the following video that deals specifically with a steep sloped backyard.

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