Garden Fountain Design

Garden Fountain Design

Get ideas for how to make your own fountains and water features

How to make your own water feature, garden fountain, and waterfall from pots, planters, and other common materials. For the true do it yourself gardener or landscaper, this directory should give you some real good ideas to start with if not just simply copy.

While there are plenty of places to buy fountains and water features that are already made, these landscaping styles pictures offer some really cool, unique, and cost effective ways to add your own personality to your garden or give you a project that you can say "I built it myself".

Some of the water features, falls, and design ideas in here are quite common. However, some are also very unique, inspiring, and even entertaining. If you're looking for backyard fountain projects or ideas for your garden, yard, or landscape, maybe you'll find it here. Enjoy.