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The landscaping ideas on this page are free for you to look at and get examples from. These are the actual designs for front yards and backyards that have been created for our own clients. Do not publicly reprint.

Some of these designs include complete layout renderings, guidelines, and extended instructions for planting schemes, patios, courtyards, xeriscaping, entryways, and more.

These designs were created for specific shape yards and lots and may not go perfectly with your exact property. However, that's not necessarily important or should it keep you from incorporation any of the specifics of these designs into your own plans. Simply mix and match different characteristics, shapes, planting schemes, and materials from different designs into something that will work for your own yard.

Again, in order to get the most out of these plans you may want to keep a few things in mind while going through them.

Design Plans

Mix And Match Design Ideas

Mix And Match Design Ideas and the different shapes of different designs and layouts. If you can't find a layout to fit your exact front yard or backyard, find two or more that you can incorporate together to create a plan that will work.

Don't get hung up

Don't get hung up on specific materials, hardscapes, and plant materials that we use in these yards and gardens. Focus more on shape and functionality. The materials will be determined mostly by what is available in your area.

These Landscaping Styles can work with other styles

If one of our layouts is for a Mediterranean front yard, don't think that you can't use it for a Southwest home, different style, or even a backyard. Sometimes simply changing the types of plants is all that's necessary to change the entire atmosphere and style of a design.

Design Plans Gallery