Hillside Circular Driveway Landscape

Hillside Circular Driveway Landscape

The front view of this circular driveway landscape design gives you a good idea of the slope of the hill, shape of the design, and the front door entryway. As simple as it is, it really is a good looking design.

Even though the plants are still small in these pictures, you can still get a good idea of what the retaining walls and overall landscape looks like and how it accents the home and addresses the problem of the slope and hill.

Something to notice in this xeriscape design is how the retaining wall blocks match the roof color of the home. While this isn't always possible because of odd colored roofing or limited materials, it should be a consideration when you are planning your landscape and coming up with your base plan.

As well as the roof, the other materials and harscapes should be given consideration as to how they might accent and go with the color and style of the home.

Of course, Southwest Landscape Designs will do best with this southwest style home so the plants, ground covers, retaining wall blocks, and other hardscape materials are all chosen to create an entirely unified design. The fact that it's a circular driveway on a hillside calls for different methods of design rather than different styles.