Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyards are often one of the most used living spaces of a home just like any other room in the home. And when it's landscaped to a plan...

Backyards are often one of the most used living spaces of a home just like any other room in the home. And when it's landscaped to a plan that meets a families specific needs, a backyard will become an outdoor living space where you'll spend the majority of your free time. Backyards are generally created for relaxing, recreation, and entertaining in privacy. And with so many of the same elements that we find in the indoors of our homes like fireplaces, kitchens, and dining areas, backyard decorating ideas are becoming quite creative.

A great yard begins with good planning, a complete design, and sound construction. A backyard that follows these simple steps can be an all purpose space where you can entertain, relax, and enjoy your favorite recreational activities. Also, well designed and constructed backyard landscaping can add to the overall value of your property and home. As with any construction project, backyard landscaping begins with a complete plan. So whether you're starting with a vision, just a concept of your individual or family needs, or nothing at all, it's always good to spend some time getting landscaping ideas and planning advice by looking at pictures of other backyad projects.

A Backyard Plan For Children

This design is created especially to address the needs of a family with children. While it may be a small yard, the concepts and layout can be adapted to a larger yard and even a different shape.

Italian Backyard Design Plan

Realistically, what makes this yard Italian is the plants and hardscaping materials used to create it. It could be for any architectural style of home or geographic location simply by changing the plants and construction elements. Design shape and style are universal.

A Big Backyard

This design is for the yard of a very large estate. It has a lot of elements that help take up and use the space in a unique and classy way while helping create privacy.

Hardscaping Elements And Tips

The following elements are common hardscaping additions for landscaping and will help you to -

  • Discover unique design shapes for created an inspiring backyard paradise with details for each plan.
  • Get ideas for beautiful outdoor rooms and separate spaces for kitchens, dining, entertaining, living rooms, and even sleeping areas.
  • Discover how to create outdoor rooms that are unique in features and functionality yet still have continuity and fit well with the entire yard.
  • Look through a gallery of backyard patio pictures that will inspire you to create your own patios whether for a large or small area.
  • Get planting tips for different backyard layouts in different climates, geographic zones, and yards of different home architectural styles.
  • Planting tips and layouts for landscaping around existing swimming pools or adding a new one.
  • Best materials and styles of backyard garden paths and walkways to join different outdoor rooms, useful areas, or just a journey through the yard.
  • How to create a backyard that matches your own personality, family needs, lifestyle, geographic location, or style of your home.
  • Tips and ideas for adding a pool, fountain, or garden pond in your backyard.
  • Materials and design ideas for backyard hardscaping such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, fences, and steps.
  • How to re-do or makeover your existing backyard whether it be a small area, the entire yard, add a patio, add a pool, or create more privacy so that you'll want to spend more time in your backyard.

Whether you're designing a new backyard or doing a makeover for an existing one, planning is key. Creating a backyard space that fits your lifestyle, personality, and needs takes a lot of consideration to plants, materials, and construction detail. Just keep in mind that a good backyard landscape design will address all of these considerations while also still having flow and continuity between all the different areas and rooms.