Evergreen Plants For Winter Curb Appeal

Evergreen Plants For Winter Curb Appeal

While the majority of plants in this front yard are evergreen, it really only takes a few repeated evergreen plants to create a display that will add Winter interest and curb appeal to most landscapes and gardens.

Generally, a framework of evergreens won't display much color and so they are usually just enough to create a living framework for Winter interest among other flowering plants that thrive from Spring through Fall. However, on the other hand, some landscapes and garden designs can be all or mostly evergreen which can be quite beautiful on their own.

An important factor that will help a dominant evergreen display look its best is by using different shades, textures, and shapes of plants. While green is a basic color, there are more shades of the color than you might expect.

Texture is usually quite subtle. It's one of those design elements that creates contrast but you just can't quite put your finger on what it is. Regardelss if you're trying to create winter curb appeal with evergreen plants or designing something else, shape and size of plants is quite obvious and is often used proportionately to design with, accent, and frame other design elements.