Courtyard Flower Beds

Courtyard Flower Beds

Ideas for flower beds in the center of courtyards and patios

The center courtyard patio flower bed can't help but be an unavoidable focal point. The massive Red Oak tree is beautiful. It should be obvious by now that we use a lot of these full grown Red Oaks.

What you may not consider while looking at this, is that this tree had to be placed in the flower bed before any of the walls, pavers, underground bubbler system, and other plants were placed. Once we found the proper grade of the patio design, we found the center of the garden and dug a hole.

When planting large trees and plants like this, it's important to make sure the hole is perfect in regards to height and width. Once it has been placed in the courtyard, there's always the possibility that it may not come back up without harming it. This is a good rule for this courtyard flower bed and for all planting ideas. Lifting even small plants can harm the plant or root ball.