Using A Bubble Graph Garden Design

Using A Bubble Graph Garden Design

This is a simple example of a bubble graph or diagram. This one was designed using Microcoft paint which is usually on most computers using windows. Pencil and paper or any drawing program you choose will work just as well.

A bubble diagram is a great way to generate ideas for your landscape or garden design. Even though it's simple and sketchy, I use this method a lot myself to "think out loud". It can actually be used as well as if not better than most landscape design software programs for generating ideas.

Each bubble should represent a specific part of your garden design. Also, make the bubbles or blocks different colors to show thier different characteristics (use blue for pool or pond, green for grass, etc.).

It's important to keep your bubble graph as close to the actual scale of your yard as possible. This will make calculation of materials such as pavers and edging more accurate. It's also o.k. to overlap areas as needed for realistic design.