Corner Lot Front Yard

Corner Lot Front Yard

Ideas for creating curb appeal on a corner lot

If you pick up any ideas from this corner lot design, I do hope they're the ones we intend to show. While it wouldn't take much to fix this front yard up and make it look good, the existing landscape isn't exactly the picture of curb appeal. Actually, the borrowed scenery is about the best thing this overgrown front yard has going for it.

What I would like to point out about this yard and home is the rock wall on the corner. Made from the same materials as the home, the wall becomes an extension of the home while also creating some separation from the street and a sense of security.

Depending so much on the architecture and style of the home, some landscape design styles welcome the perfectly balanced and unified look more than others. Still, most often, it's more a matter of budget rather than taste.