Lawn Care And Home Improvement

Lawn Care And Home Improvement

In the last five years I’ve watched with excitement as The Landscape Design Site has climbed its way to being one of the most viewed landscaping sites on the net.

And while I know there are still hundreds of landscaping, garden, and plant topics that I haven’t touched, I still find myself wanting to expand the site into other areas that I have knowledge in. The two newest being lawn care and home improvement.

Lawn care is a topic that I should have addressed from the very beginning but for some reason just didn’t. I guess I was just more focused on teaching folks how to design rather than care for.

Home improvement on the other hand just seems to be a good accent since the site is most frequently visited by do it yourselfers. Right now there are two specific areas on the site related to home improvement.

The do it yourself article directory has quite a bit of information on topics ranging from interior decorating to home building to gardens. And the home improvement contractor page is set up to help you find certified pre screened contractors in your local area.

For now, these areas are limited but will grow more as I hve time to give to them. I hope you enjoy and get a lot out of all the site has to offer.