Italian Courtyard Garden Drainage

An Itallian courtyard garden plan. Preparation, planning, grading, and designing drainage. How to plan and design your courtyard so it will drain properly using proper grading, gutter systems, and underground piping.

Because most courtyards are enclosed or surrounded by tall walls, there is always the chance of flooding and standing water. This can be even more of a problem when one side of the courtyard is bordered by the home with a tall pitched roof. There is the potential of a lot of of water in a very short time.

With this in mind, proper drainage needs to be a consideration and planned into the Italain courtyard from the very beginning. As you'll see in this video, there is a drainage system that was planned ahead of time and is in place under the paver floor of the courtyard design. The system is then attached to the gutters that come off of the home which catches and gets rid of the majority of the water. The rest of the drainage is a simple matter of planning the proper grading of the paver floor.