Minimizing Lawn Area

Minimizing Lawn Area

Ideas for creating designs to use less lawn and turf grass

Here's a good use of space to cut down on lawn area. A common problem people run into when trying to minimize lawn and grass area is figuring out what to do with all the space. When all borders and beds may not be appealing to the owner or it simply doesn't fit the atmosphere of the home, a rock garden area or two like this one will take up some space.

Using the least functional areas of the yard is usually the first choice for space gardens. While this planting area is located by the street, it could fit anywhere in the plans. You could even place it in the center of the yard and have lawn around it. Since taking up space is usually more important than shape, something like this is a very easy do it yourself project.

Creating rock gardens is a common choice for using less lawn in areas like this but it's not limited to rocks. Dense groundcover plants work well if they're not bordered by or covering aggressive lawn grasses like Bermuda. And also deep mulching looks good. Both mulching and groundcover plants is much cooler than rocks.