Winter Interest Curb Appeal Without Plants

Winter Interest Curb Appeal Without Plants

This small front yard circular driveway landscape is created with Winter interest and curb appeal in mind.

As you can see here before the planting stage, this landscaping has interest and curb appeal even without plants.

Many times when you're working with an area this small it's hard to come up with ideas. It's easy to make a small area garden like this feel cramped and unbalanced instead of open and inviting.

We used curves and "swooshes" to give the area the illusion of more space. Curves give landscaping the feel of more distance which works especially well with smaller areas. Find out more about illusions and small spaces at small gardens.

As an added touch, security and safety feature, and winter interest in those long winter nights, we've added landscape lighting to the design. The path lights illuminate the entire driveway for a real classy touch not to mention safety and convenience. The up lights cast shadows of the bushes onto the home which adds yet another interest to the design.