Hillside Front Yard Planting Ideas

Houses on hillsides and woodland areas that dot the countryside are more and more common as the cities spread past their limits to make room for growth and more homes. Neighborhoods and streets are now in the most remote areas where we use to hike and camp. Landscapes on steep slopes and hillsides has developed its own set of styles, rules, and common materials that help keep everything in place so that hillside homes can have beautiful yards just like everyone else.

Planting schemes for front yards and backyards on slopes and hillsides are best kept simple with smaller dainty plants kept to a minimum. Evergreens, taller shrubs, and other plants with deep root systems are best for several reasons. Besides holding the soil and ground covers in place, the less time you have to spend working on the slope, the better. Keep that in mind when planning your yard on a steep slope or hillside.