Yard Projects And Design Methods

Yard Projects And Design Methods

This is a new page we've added to cover specific details on landscaping projects and methods used in professional landscape design.

We'll be covering a lot of information from measuring to planting so check back often as this page grows.

Creating A Radius Point In Designs
Getting your design from paper to the ground can be a little tricky. This example demonstrates how to create perfect circles and curves in your landscape projects.

Creating Your Own Moss Rock And Statues
This is a simple project for making stone or concrete garden objects look aged and established by growing moss on them.

Accent Boulders And Rocks In Landscape Design
This is a short article on how to place landscape rocks and boulders for best affect.

Installing A New Sod Grass Lawn
Here are a few tips to ensure a successful sod lawn installation.

Proper Watering Hillside and Sloped Yards
Hillside landscapes can be a problem due to water runoff. Here's the solution.

Creating Berms In The Landscape
What is a berm and how do you make one?