Front Entry Sidewalk Planting Schemes

Front Entry Sidewalk Planting Schemes

Planting tips and ideas for front door sidewalks

Among other things, you can take some good entry sidewalk planting ideas and examples from the way these hedges and other plants are laid out here. Using the shrubs as a backdrop for the smaller colorful flowers helps the flowers to stand out as well as add some definition and boundary. The two main beds with the trees are actually four levels in height using four different types and textures of plants. It's a subtle addition that adds a lot of interest to the entry sidewalk without being cluttered, crowded, and unbalanced.

Two planters to the far right at the sidewalk entrance are a real nice decor focal point that helps define the entrance. Because they're the same color as the trim of the home, they match well. And because they're white, they make a good focal point that catches your eye.

The plantings and plant placement are well thought out in this design. While the two main trees are both dwarf character accent varieties, they're still place far enough away from the home so not to intrude on the home the entrance area. Even the two tall Italian Cypress by the front door entrance are placed well enough to never be a problem.