Stained Concrete Circular Driveway Landscape

Ideas for walkways, access, circular driveways, stained concrete, and color schemes

This design makes good use of the access to the home as part of the landscape. Some type of access is necessary to the front door of this and most homes. And with the walkways and circular driveway being established, some of the final shape is created. Since walkways and driveways are necessary elements in most front yards, I always suggest these be one of the first things plotted. It takes up space and often, just like this design, creates other design spaces like lawn and flower beds.

Determining where the walkways will be in the front yard is usually the closest distance and less travel. Unlike the backyards which are more likely to have gardens, paths, and other activities, the front door and front yard generally have the purpose of access and invitation. And so, to keep your visitors from getting lost or worn out, it is usually the straightest and closest path.