Commercial Restaurant Yard Plan

Design tips and ideas for the yard of a commercial restaurant

This design was created for a local restaurant with very high visibility. The small space and odd shape of the lot were a a bit of a challenge on this one. We actually created this commercial landscape using a few principles of Japanese garden design. At the same time, we didn't want this to be completely Japanese as it wouldn't fit the theme of the restaurant.

The elements are basic using decorative boulders and simple planting repetitions. There are no flowers or color (besides green. Yes, green is a color) in this design. However, all the plantings are of an evergreen nature so the landscape keeps curb appeal all year long.

Even though this design is for a restaurant, it can work well even in residential landscaping applications.

commercial landscape design idea with asymmetrical shape

Pictures of this design finished

Plants Used In This Plan

  • Boxwood
  • Dwarf Nandina
  • Dwarf Mock Orange (Pittosporum)
  • Mexican Elder - Trees
  • Hybrid Tall Fescue - Lawn Turf

The plantings used are Japanese Boxwood, Mock Orange, Mexican Elder Trees, Dwarf Nandina and Tall Fescue lawn turf which keeps its color through Winter in our climate.

Lot shape often creates a problem in a lot of landscaping projects and this one was no exception. Usually, the challenge with landscaping odd shaped lots is coming up with a design shape to fit the lot. Balance can be a challenge. So, as with this one, we simply designed with plants.

Once again we used plantings in odd number groups to create balance. We also limitied our planting ideas to just a few varieties. We also created balance, unity, and symmetry using the six small trees evenly spaced.

To keep this design as low maintenance as possible and properly watered, an automated sprinkler and drip system is installed.

We designed on the angle of the lot and not the square of the building. After trying several different versions it felt the only style to give this small odd shaped lot some life, interest, and character. Give this a try if you're having trouble with an odd shaped lot.

The large boulder in the center of the main bed is very dramatic and creates a nice focal point. The dark boulder surrounded with white ground cover rock also creates a good contrast in color and texture. Don't forget texture as a tool to design with. But also remember that as a rule to use more finer textures and fewer coarser textures. As with all of our projects, the ground cover is under lain with quality landscape fabric to prevent unwanted grass and weeds.

The finishing touch on this project is a small, white split rail fence down the left side. Pay attention to finishing touches and fine detail. Try to envision the finished project with different elements like garden fences, arbors, trailing vines, boulders, etc. Use garden decor in commercial applications only when it won't be disturbed by the public and when its tasteful. It could make a big difference.

This asymmetrical shaped Japanese style garden design was an extreme challenge. However, it did work exceptionally well in this commercial application due to the simple balance created with the elements an material used.

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