Rock Lined Yard Pond Idea

For some folks, a big yard can be quite a burden. For others, it can be an opportunity. Either way, finding creative ways to use a large space can produce some great ideas and elements like this rock lined pond that will take up space, create some type of function, or both.

For those who find a big yard to be a problem, a pond or water garden like this may not appear to be a better option than just a large expanse of lawn and planting beds. However, a properly built pond that is designed as a living eco-system actually takes care of its self for the most part. There is always a little maintenance and possibly more depending on the pond's surroundings.

For the most part, a pond like this is easy to build and take care of. With plants, fish, and some type of circulating bio-falls placed into the plan, the rest is a matter of a rock lined design and seasonal maintenance. Still, it may not be a desirable option or solution for some people. A pond or water garden is just another option that could work in a big yard or meadow to take up space and be a nice focal point.