Italian Backyard Ideas

Italian Backyard Ideas

Ideas to inspire a touch of Italy to big backyards

This step of the plan for the backyard will be the highlight of the entire project. With a 30 foot face waterfall, sitting areas, fire pit, and cobblestone walkways, this Italian style yard will be one of the best trophies we have created. However, until then, the design is here for you to use and get ideas from.

More About This Design

This plan has some really cool character and atmosphere. Regardless of the Tuscan style of the home and planting scheme, the shape and flow of the landscape could add some appeal to almost any yard or garden.

Designed for entertaining and personal relaxing, this garden is inviting. A walk through this backyard isn't just a straight shot from one side to the other. It is a journey for the sight and senses. The sound and motion of water as well as the scents of many mass planted flowers and plants can be quite relaxing.

The garden path was created to walk through the garden planting beds rather than around the edge of them. This gives visitors the opportunity to experience this Italian backyard rather than simply see the landscaping and design ideas from a distance.