Italian Front Yard Landscape

Creating the right atmosphere for this design was easy because the home itself has the perfect Italian look and feel for it. And even ...

Design Ideas for creating the look of Italy in front yards

Creating the right atmosphere for this design was easy because the home itself has the perfect Italian look and feel for it. And even though this front yard design was quite simple to envision and create, the landscape is very well thought out in terms of access and usability.

Parking and access to the front door and side yard lay down a large part of the framework. Once these areas were established, there was very little space left to design.

The curved plant bed areas on the outside of the sidewalk are created around two large multi-trunk red oak trees and other Italian landscaping plants. The trees are place at an angle that extends from the driveway to the corner of the home. This helped create a unique lawn and flower bed shape that, unlike most homes and landscape design that are squared with the street, is unique.

A solution For Limited Front Yard Parking And Driveway Space

Along with curb appeal and invitation, most front yard ideas address and design around parking, access, and entry into the home. With limited parking and driveway access into the garage as in this design, careful consideration is given to how the limited space can be used the most efficiently.

The turn around parking area is for general everyday parking, front door access, and guest parking. With no room for a circular driveway design, it works perfect for being able to turn around and drive out forward without backing all the way out of the driveway.

The concrete cut away at the top end of the driveway also provides a way to back out of the garage and drive out forward without having to back out all the way to the street.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead, and as you'll see in the pictures below, the far left lawn area is left unplanted to allow access for landscaping the backyard. Planting the lawn in this area will be the last thing we do as we work our way out of the backyard.

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