A Tropical Front Yard Patio Design

A Tropical Front Yard Patio Design

There are a few elements that give this front yard patio its tropical feel and atmosphere. Along with the house itself and a few of the other plants, the two Bananna trees in pots are a very strong factor. Take those away and replace them with a differnt type of garden plants, and you can change the entire atmosphere of the garden.

If you look at the surrounding area, you'll see that this home is not in a tropical location. Places like this is often where you'll see tropical plants in container gardens. They can be moved to a warmer location like the garage in colder weather and seasons. So, in most cases, as long as the plants don't get too large to handle, your landscaping, patios, and courtyards have few limitations to what plants you can use.

In some areas, and at my own home for example, it may be enough to simply move the plants closer to the house. I have several sub-tropical plants in containers on my patio and around my house. In the Winter I simply move some of them up next to my house. The warmth radiated from the patio floor and walls is enough to keep them from freezing.

Keep in mind that container garden plants have a much better chance of a killing freeze than plants in the ground. The root zone which would normally be protected by surrounding earth, is only protected by the pot and a few inches of soil. For some good ideas and examples, see tropical garden plants.

The wicker furniture is also an influence on how tropical this patio garden looks and feels.