Garden Arbor Free Plans And Ideas

Garden Arbor Free Plans And Ideas

Free Do it Yourself Arbor Plans and Instructions

Arbors are a relatively easy do it yourself home project. Most can be finished in a weekend. These plans should leave you with very little question on how to do it.

Garden Arbor Plan

Step by Step Easy Arbor

Arbor and Bench Plan

Garden Arbor Bench

Arbor, Garden

Rose Arbor

Entry Arbor Idea

Oriental Design Plan

Landscaping Tip

Garden arbors, gazeebos, trellises, etc. generally serve in landscape design as "functional decor". They can serve a much greater purpose than to simply look pretty. These garden structures can be used to frame entrances, turn pathways into tunnels, or be an end point or focal point to an avenue.

In large and small gardens, arbors are often used as a divider or separator to create another area or "room". In smaller areas lacking in interest and space, this helps to create the illusion of more space on the other side of the structure. Also, it creates mystery.

Keep in mind that, in very small spaces, most arbors may not be a practical landscaping solution since scale and proportion may be challenged by the size of larger structures. However, this could be addressed by building a smaller structure.

In a larger landscape or garden, an arbor can become a functional or non-functional focal point in almost any area of the yard. Functional examples for home landscaping ideas could be entryways or corner sitting area covers. Non-functional may be considered as a flower stand or simply decor.