Two Story Brick Home Front Entry Idea

Two Story Brick Home Front Entry Idea

The front yard and entry of this brick home looks like so many others in this directory. Actually, I should probably check to see if i already posted this one somewhere in here. It does look familiar. Or...I bet I can find a good design point of this front yard worth pointing out.

One thing you should notice about this design is that almost every plant is evergreen. Because of it, this two story brick home has curb appeal and interest in every season throughout the year.

You may also notice that the actual placement and groupings of plants is well thought out. While a few of the taller evergreen shrubs may be in need of a trimming, their placements don't create any issues or safety problems by blocking any doors, windows, or views.

Also, the landscaping plants are in odd numbered groups which create a sense of intentional design and repetition even if the plants are different. Whether you're designing a brick home front entry landscape like this one or not, keep that in mind when creating your planting schemes. Groups of odd numbers generally work better in most situations.