Italian Courtyard Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Italian Courtyard Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

If it was my choice, I would place an outdoor fireplace or fire pit in every courtyard, garden, or landscape I create. Like water, fire is another opportunity to add the elements of motion and sound to the garden. Besides that, it provides an opportunity to enjoy your patio all year long.

Spending crisp cold nights around a fire in your own backyard offers a romance and lure that has most people spending time in the garden that would otherwise be left vacant until Springtime. It is a wonderful addition to any garden.

The stained stamped decorative concrete directly surrounding the fireplace is in place of the patio pavers for comfort and ease of scooting chairs and furniture. In an area such as this, there is no question as to whether to use regular gray concrete or stained and stamped. No question.

Directly to the right and as we'll see in other pictures, there is a wall fountain providing even more sound and motion to this patio. What a great place to unwind, contemplate, or just spend time friends or family. Areas like this where the outdoor fireplace is are the spaces that make courtyards and gardens more usable and inviting.