Inner City Patio Design For Limited Space

While the design of this patio idea isn't too unusual, the way it's placed and positioned may appear a bit odd. However, for inner-city or other concrete surrounded areas, small gardens like this are often the only option.

One of the most important elements in city, rooftop, or balcony patios is the presence of life giving plants. Where everything else is concrete and metal, the inviting coolness and life of growing plants is an oasis. And the amount of plants is usually dependant on the person who is going to take care of them. This patio design has quite a few plants that require care and water daily. It would take a bit of dedication and time to keep up with this.

The way the plants are placed on the uses the space well without getting in the way. As with most any garden or landscape with walls like this inner city patio, adding the height as a backdrop is a great way to cover up the wall and create a better illusion of depth and "being in the garden" when sitting at the table.