How To Decorative Concrete

A really great video of decorative concrete designs, ideas, and methods. Some good ideas for staining, stamping, stenciling, and etching.

Design Ideas For Decorating Concrete

A really great video of decorative concrete designs, ideas, and methods. Some good ideas for staining, stamping, stenciling, and etching.

Engraved Concrete Ideas

Some good concrete engraving ideas. Not a how to video. Just some really good design ideas and examples for engraving and decorating concrete with stain and art work.

Stamped Stained Concrete

Some great ideas of decorative concrete designs. This is a good video for getting ideas of what you can do with stamped and stained concrete.

How To Stencile Concrete

Do it yourself concrete stenciling ideas and instructions. another basic overview of considerations before and during the application of concrete stenciles.

Stained Concrete Ideas

Stained concrete pictures and ideas. Not a how to video. Some good examples of how you can transform floors with concrete stains.

Acid Staining | How To Acid Stain

How to acid stain concrete floors. A very informative and detailed video on the steps for acid staining concrete. Some good pictures to look at for ideas. Very good video.

Stenciled Concrete Ideas

Stenciled concrete instructional tutorial. Do it yourself how to stencile concrete. Very simple video with basic guidelines for using stenciles.

Correcting Color Of Stained Concrete

Sometimes stained and colored concrete looks unnatural. These steps will show you how to highlight existing colored stained concrete so that it will look more natural.

Decorative Concrete Considerations | Stained Concrete Limitations

Some things to consider when staining concrete floors. Limitations and expectations for concrete stains.

Repair Damaged Concrete Floors

Repairing damaged concrete floors with decorative stained concrete. Some good before and after pictures of damaged flooring being transformed with concrete stains.

Repair Concrete Floor Before Stain | Concrete Overlay

Tips and ideas for repairing cracks in concrete before staining and decorative applications. How to fix or accent acrack in a concrete floor.

Stripping Old Concrete Sealer

How to strip sealer from old concrete and prepare stained concrete for a new sealer.

Staining Concrete | Considerations For Stained Concrete

A good video of staining concrete considerations and preparations. Detailed step by step considerations for applying stain to concrete.

What Is Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate. Pebbled concrete. A brief explanation of different styles, types and colors of exposed aggregates concrete.

Pebbled Concrete | Exposed Aggregate Concrets

Pebbled concrete demonstration. Also known as exposed aggregate, this video shows how pebbling concrete can be done as an overlay.

Staining Concrete | Brush Blending Concrete Stain

How to brush blend for staining concrete. Stained concrete ideas and techniques.

Marble Faux Stained Concrete

Stained concrete techniques for a faux marble finish. How to create a two tone finish on floors using concrete stain.

How To Spray Concrete Stain

How to stain concrete by spraying. A method for using a spray applicator to apply stains and acid staining for concrete.

Interior Stained Concrete Floor

Transforming interior floors with stained concrete overlay. Watch an old floor be changed into beautiful flooring by removing old covers and staining

Stamped Stained Concrete Costs Prices

The prices and costs of stained stamped and patterned concrete. Money saving tips.

How To Of Stamped Stained Concrete

Do it yourself tips for stamped and stained concrete. Some good points and considerations for using concrete stamps and stains. Methods are universal and will work

What Tips You Can Expect To Discover In These article

  • Design ideas and methods for staining, stamping, overlays, stenciling, and etching.
  • Tips for repairing existing concrete floors before staining and stamping.
  • Tips for stripping old sealer from old concrete and prepare stained concrete for a new sealer.
  • Pricing and money saving tips for the different methods of patterned, staining, stenciling, stamping, etching, engraving, and overlays.
  • How to change and highlight the color of existing poorly applied concrete stain.
  • Discover what exposed aggregate and pebbled concrete is and methods for applying it.
  • Concrete decorating methods for brush blending, marble faux stain, spraing stain, and engraving.
  • Considerations, materials, methods, and safety considerations for both interior and exterior floor applications.