Paver Driveway On A Small Hill

Design and planting ideas aroung driveways

Using the landscaping to frame a driveway with medium sized shrubs like this is often a good idea for defining the boundaries of driveways that are difficult to see or navigate. Yards on a hill like this can sometimes make it difficult to see the edges of the driveway.

Using medium to small shrubs or other plants or taller trees with high canopies is generally the best choice for traffic areas with intersections such as driveways, paths, and sidewalks. Obstructing the view with overgrown plants or hardscapes can be dangerous as well as an inconvenience.

Since the driveway is on a slope it's a good idea to give the surface ome type of texture for traction. At the very least, a broom finish for plain concrete will help keep folks from falling on wet or icy days. In this case however, a decorative concrete brick paver pattern adds traction on the small hillside driveway as well as beauty to the landscaping.