Evergreen Front Yard Rock Garden

Evergreen Front Yard Rock Garden

Alternative to front yard designs with a lot of lawn

If this evergreen front yard rock garden was a little smaller scale, one might call it an Alpine garden. Alpine gardens are created to look like miniature Alpine landscapes where rock gardens are more focused on placement and accenting the decorative landscaping rocks with garden plants, decor, or other elements. The type of plants used is also largely responsible for the difference between the two garden styles.

Where the plants in a rock garden can range from evergreens to native to design style influenced, Alpine gardens will generally stay within a certain type of plant. While some zones may not allow for certain kinds of garden plants to survive, a close substitute will be used.

Along with being a better use of natural resources, this front yard rock garden eliminates a lot of lawn area and the maintenance that comes along with lawn care. However, it also creates a different type of maintenance. If left to their own without trimming, many evergreen trees and shrubs will begin to look a bit shabby. Generally, along with replacing mulch and ground cover, trimming is only necessary a few times a year. Do it in the Spring when it's cool, in the Fall when it's cool, and possibly once in the Summer.