Front Entry Steps Planting Ideas

Front Entry Steps Planting Ideas

Front yard entry steps like this add a lot of class and curb appeal to the home and so should have planting ideas that are at least as classy.

Looking at this picture, your eye can't help be drawn directly to the steps and plantings. And even if the landscaping was second rate, it would still be the first thing you see in this front yard.

A poor looking curb appeal would take away from instead of accent the front of the home.

The planting scheme here is very appealing for a few different reasons.

  1. The principle of simplicity - The designer chose only a few varities of plants and repeated them throughout the design.
  2. Balance - Along with the hardscape brick retaining walls being symmetricl and balanced, the front steps plants are even as well. And along with that, even the plant containers on top of the pillars are matching.