Front Yard Landscaping Examples

Front Yard Landscaping Examples

Now let's look at a few designing tricks and ideas for landscaping the front yard.

To create a sense of depth, you can place a major planting such as a large tree or group of trees in the yard a distance out from the front of the house. To anyone passing by, the planting will change position in relation to the home, giving a sense of depth and movement to the landscape.

Another designers trick for front or backyards that can make a house seem wider than it actually is would be to plant a small tree or group of trees near the corners of the home. This trick can also soften the squareness of a totally square home.

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In some instances, creating a better landscape for curb appeal may require accenting or hiding certain elements such as bare foundations or skirting. You can deal with an expanse of bare foundation at the bottom of your home in a few different ways. Most folks tend to cover the area with a hard line of manicured shrubs. However, using a line of loose branching less formal type of mounding shrub can give a much softer and appealing appearance.