A Single Tree In The Landscape

A Single Tree In The Landscape

Sometimes when adding trees in the landscaping plan, proper proportion may be one of those things that the landscape will have to grow into. Mature taller trees can be expensive and so they're often planted very small to fit within the budget. And while they often take the back seat to other elements like decorative concrete or water features, they should actually be considered as primary and given a better share of the budget. The best you can afford, the better. And the sooner they can start growing, the better.

The small tree in this front yard is so out of proportion compared to the home that the landscaping would look so much better without it. However, given some time, it will fill the area in nicely.

No Fast Growing Trees

While fast growing trees are exactly what you might need in this plan, they're usually not the right choice. While there are a few exceptions, most fast growing trees are very weak and brittle. This is one area where a little research and education might come in handy. The Oak may grow slowly but that's one of the things that make it so strong. So this is a good reason to budget for taller mature trees and do the other less vivible projects over time.