Steps On A Hillside Front Yard

While this terracing and steps is a good idea for creating a level lawn area on this hillside, there's still some room for some more erosion control in the planting area. The slope on the planting area is too steep and watering for proper root saturation would be difficult. Water runs off the front yard before it has time to soak in. See watering on a slope or hillside. The hill and front yard landscape is also completely without any groundcover. The few plants that are in here will do very little to keep this hillside in place.

Terracing the planting area with one or two retaining walls would create some level planting areas. Something a little simpler would be placing large rocks and boulders so they create level planting areas. Some kind of ground cover in the form of plants or 3"+ gravel would help preserve the bare ground.

The entry steps leading to the top level and front door add a touch of class. The raised fountain in the center adds a little something more. And being raised to the top of the hillside, it's still visible from inside the house.