Terracing A Front Yard On A Slope With Steps

Terracing A Front Yard On A Slope With Steps

Generally, the front yard design is all about access, invitation, and parking space. All three have been successfully addressed in this idea.

Considering the slope in this yard, terracing and steps in this manner is a perfect solution. Of course the number of steps will vary depending on how steep a slope is and distance. In a very short distance where the slope is very steep as in this design, it's often a good idea to zig zag the steps back and forth so they won't be too steep and unsafe.

In this example, the depth and travel have been calculated to create several long landings as well as steps. Once this main element of access was figured out, the planting areas and pockets were created around it.

The slope of the bed areas and lawn are steep enough for special consideration for watering on a slope or hillside as there could be too much run off and not enough saturation. All in all, terracing this front yard with steps or stairs may not fix all the problems but it does help take care of quite a bit of the slope.