Front Yard Courtyard Entry Planting Beds

This is a nice way to accent and break up the dead space of this front yard courtyard wall. Adding a courtyard sitting area to the entry of your front yard is a classy way to take up some space in your front landscape design. Not much to it. Build a wall, throw down some pavers or decorative concrete, leave a few feet open around the edges for flower beds, and you have a nice inviting entryway without a whole lot of thought. Of course it may cost a bit more than a simple walkway and flower beds.

Once it's created, the wall around the courtyard garden then offers the opportunity for even more planting beds that can help give the front yard and lawn some unique shape and design. And look how simple this entry planting scheme is. A few evergreen shrubs repeated for continuity and a back drop and a few other annuals and perennials is very clean and appealing.